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To Survive
We dreamed of success;
now we simply aim to survive.
We struggled towards popularity;
now we are all the same, our "cliques" dictated. 
We reached for the stars, but were always grounded. 
Now our touchstones - lost.
Our families - gone.
Our identities... taken.
I say "we" for it reminds me that I once had a place.
A place that would always be mine,
though I was soon to leave.
And a new destination,
that I will never discover. 
What I would give to go back to the heaven we called prison.
Now our scores - worthless.
Our visions - ignored.
Our values... fading.
I cannot let our dreams be completely forgotten.
We've become sheep, led by the stick.
I will not allow it.
We've become lifeless, waiting for the end.
I will not allow it.
For seventeen years, we've faded into oblivion.
Now we stand - slowly.
Rise as one - behind me.
Hope again... that I bring.
To bring back our dreams, I must change.
This is what we do,
to survive.
:iconvivafariy:VivaFariy 2 5
Kwidditch: Gwendolyn by VivaFariy Kwidditch: Gwendolyn :iconvivafariy:VivaFariy 14 8
Two Snowflakes
"The snow. It's so...beautiful."
Snow drifted slowly from above, creating a magical fairy-like scene. Yuki breathed it in, completely enamored.
"So amazing," she whispered to the open air, to the setting that was leaving her so breath-taken. Her radiant blue eyes gazed at the horizon and the soft, flakey substance. The snow began to accumulate on her long, piercing blue dress. Yuki looked down and realized that she was quivering. Her outfit, a beautiful design in blue and white, did not cover her shoulders, and the skirt, though floor-length in the back, barely reached her thighs in the front, Her immaculate white boots by this point had sunk into the top layer of pure white snow. She was cold...but she didn't want to leave. Not yet.
"Hello?" Bella called out. "I didn't see you at first. Your white hair - it's so long. From the back, I thought you were just the snow. Your hair blends in so well...." Bella stopped, noticing that the girl was shivering. "You must be freezing! Why don't y
:iconvivafariy:VivaFariy 1 0
Beauty aka Belle by VivaFariy Beauty aka Belle :iconvivafariy:VivaFariy 8 7 Phoenix by VivaFariy Phoenix :iconvivafariy:VivaFariy 8 8 RibbonDancer by VivaFariy RibbonDancer :iconvivafariy:VivaFariy 7 5 FlutterFairy by VivaFariy FlutterFairy :iconvivafariy:VivaFariy 1 2 Dragon Painting by VivaFariy Dragon Painting :iconvivafariy:VivaFariy 8 11 LadyElf by VivaFariy LadyElf :iconvivafariy:VivaFariy 7 2 Jewish New Year Painting by VivaFariy Jewish New Year Painting :iconvivafariy:VivaFariy 4 6 Sonomi and Akihiko at the Tanabata Festival by VivaFariy Sonomi and Akihiko at the Tanabata Festival :iconvivafariy:VivaFariy 5 5
Sonomi's Summer
    "I get it, Mom. I will. There's this ad on the bulletin board for someone to help in the nurse's office," Sonomi said. She was actually passing that bulletin board right now. With so many students leaving for summer break, the halls were actually pretty empty. Empty enough that Sonomi felt comfortable talking on the phone with her mom. "Don't worry, I won't stay locked up in my room. Or the computer room. I know you by now, Mom. Right. I'm visiting for three days, and then I'll come back here. Yes, I'm still getting the snake. A summer job too?" Sonomi sighed, "We'll see. Next year I'll get an internship at a lab or something. Okay, I love you, bye." Sonomi hung up the phone.
    She shook her head. Sonomi had stopped hoping that her mom would come to understand her. But come on, what was wrong with snakes? Plenty of people had them as pets. And it was okay to stay at school for break...surely people chose to that, right? It was her first summer away a
:iconvivafariy:VivaFariy 1 4
KA: Akihiko Application by VivaFariy KA: Akihiko Application :iconvivafariy:VivaFariy 2 5 Cosplaying as Vin from Mistborn by VivaFariy Cosplaying as Vin from Mistborn :iconvivafariy:VivaFariy 1 3
Sonomi's Winter Break
"Not again!" Going on winter break meant that her online programs were all shut down for break as well. She had already done all of her actual schoolwork, so although classmates would spend their break on various projects and essays, she had already dealt with all of that.
"Sonomi, if you can't do school work, then relax." Her mom said.
"Like what? Besides catching up on sleep."
"Well, there is that. How about teaching yourself a new hobby? You pick up on things quickly."
"Again, like what?"
Her mom looked around Sonomi's bedroom, at all the science materials, geeky posters...."An instrument, a sport, sowing or another Art...or visit a friend...or just read and write. But stop working! Go play in the snow with your sister."
"Okay, fine."
That conversation had taken place a week ago. Now there was only a week left of break and what had Sonomi done? Catch up on sleep, read, write in her diary, play with her sister and visit the pet shop with her to adopt a puppy. Nothing productive, and
:iconvivafariy:VivaFariy 2 4
WIP Kodaiki Winter Prompts by VivaFariy WIP Kodaiki Winter Prompts :iconvivafariy:VivaFariy 1 2
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