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October 9, 2012
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Pandora Academy  Application - Elista Dairina by VivaFariy Pandora Academy  Application - Elista Dairina by VivaFariy
:bulletpurple: Name: Elista Dairina

:bulletpurple: Nicknames: Lista, Eli, Rina (though she doesn't like it)...... Will be updated

:bulletpurple: Group: Blue

:bulletpurple: Age: 15

:bulletpurple: Birthday: October 21st

:bulletpurple: Species: Magical Girl (human with magic)

:bulletpurple: Classes: Practice Hall, P.E, Magical Control, Writing and Literature

:bulletpurple: Personality: Elista is kind, fun, caring, friendly, and helpful. She is hyper, a bit mysterious and devilish, and adventurous. Elista is a social butterfly and you can always talk to her if you are having issues. She does not like to talk about herself. Elista is sometimes too social and kind for her own good, a bit oblivious and ignorant. She often runs out of things to say. She is a great dancer and singer and she loves music. Elista is very graceful.

:bulletpurple: Likes: dancing, music, singing, cats, birds, bears, helping, swings, roller coasters, ferries wheels, pranks, adventures, mysteries, friends, sports, avocado, rice cake, healthy foods, the colors purple, blue, and white, cute things

:bulletpurple: Dislikes: cabbage, pears, the color orange, grasshoppers, people who think they are better than others, bullies, dogs, students who don't care, getting her hair wet, and her height.

:bulletpurple:Bio: Elista was born in Portland, Oregon. While she lived there, she and her twin sister, Estella, did not know they had magic. Although their parents knew, they did not tell their children yet. The two went to nursery, played a lot, and had a fun and normal childhood for two little girls. Right before the twins fourth birthday, the family moved to San Jose, California.

Elista and Estella made friends there in one of the many kinder-gardens/nurseries. By this age Elista had begun to develop her love of music. Around a year later, at the age of five, they moved again. This time to Gualala, California, where they grew up and stayed until this very day. It is in Northern California, eight miles from the ocean. Gualala is a beautiful place, and the community is tight-knit. Across the street from them lived Davin's family. Davin was only a bit older than the twins, and an only child, so they became friends and would play together often.

When the twins were seven years old, their parents told them about their magic. By this time it was very clear that music was Elista's life.
Elista and Estella both went to the same school, and made friends, but not the same ones. Although they got along really well, by this time it was clear that they were very different. Elista was considered very cute and social and many people knew of her, even if they weren't friends. Elista took dance classes after school and had a great time. She loved school, did as best as she could in it, and had great years.

When Elista was in middle school, she joined the school's shows and other programs that involved singing and dancing. She got many solos. Many of the boys loved her, and Elista began to feel very uncomfortable. After talking to her friends, Elista stopped caring what they boys thought and ignored boys as a whole. Except Davin, since by now it was if he was part of the Dairina family.

When Elista was in eighth grade her mother gave birth to the twins. Her parents told her and Estella to look into different magic schools to go to for high school. Elista chose Pandora Academy, and Estella chose another school. Pandora Academy is only a few hours from where Elista lives, so she goes home and visits sometimes.

A few months before school started at Pandora Academy, Elista began having strange dreams. In these dreams she wold watch Emily's battles with Lord Al-Kodar. She had no clue what these were about, or who any of the people in the dream were.

:bulletpurple:Powers: Her power is Dancing and her element is Air. She also has an army of ballerina dolls

Some things she can do are:
*Ballet Blast - her strongest blast of magic (she can always just shoot out magic)

*Plie Paralysis - the army of ballet dolls spins around the enemy, paralyzing him/her

*Dancing Dizziness - the enemy gets extremely dizzy and confused

*Tornado Twirl - creates a tornado

*Wave of Music - Music erupts loudly in your ears

*Dancing Dolls - army of ballet dolls distracts or hurts the enemy

*She can control the element of air. Meaning, create winds, use it to push something away, or to freeze water...

:bulletpurple:Family and pets:
Elista has a twin sister names Estella who has the power of heat. She is clumsy and nothing like Elista but they still get along. She has a younger brother and sister (twins, a year old) named Aaron and Ariella. They are identical. They have the power of water. Aaron can form it into anything and Ariella can control it. They are too young to know where it will go. Elista's dad is part elven. Her mum has the magic of clouds.

Her mascot is a song bird named Sillance (Sill-ance(rhymes with dance)) She has a cat named Cutie Pie.

Elista and Davin are good friends, kind of like siblings, and really care for each other. They grew up together since the age of five/six.

:bulletpurple: Relationships:
:bulletred: Love
:bulletpink: Crush
:bulletwhite: Like Family/Really close friends
:bulletorange: Best Friends
:bulletyellow: Close/Good Friends
:bulletgreen: Friends
:bulletblue: Acquaintances
:bulletpurple: Slight Dislike
:bulletblack: Dislike

:bulletred: Her family
:bulletpink: . . . .
:bulletwhite: Davin
:bulletorange: Emily, Jaiden, Kassie,
:bulletyellow: Aspen, Flame, Simon,
:bulletgreen: Angel, Elysia, Penelope, LiNa, Skyriver, Kira, Serena, Colt
:bulletblue: Any one who is not listed! (anyone here is really on friend level ,the people above are just higher)
:bulletpurple: N/A
:bulletblack: N/A

Out of school relationships (people who used to be here - if I remember):
:bulletblue:/:bulletwhite:/:bulletorange:Erifee ((It's very complicated at the moment....))
:bulletgreen: Wyatt, Remy

Will be updated. People can be added and people can move

Elista is practically everyone's friend. So... what really matter is how she acts with you in rps, not what is here, though I try to keep this accurate.

:bulletpurple: Other Information:

-Appearance (in case it looks different in the pic): Long light brown hair that's usually up in a bun with a purple hair-tie. She is tall and thin. She has long, flexible legs. She usually wears purple dresses. She wears a purple clip in the shape of ballet shoes and she wears a purple and blue bracelet.

-Favorite food is rice cakes

-Favorite color is purple

-Favorite time of day is dawn

-Her aura color is a good blue. Whenever she does magic, the magic color is usually a shade of purple.

more will be added

:bulletpurple: Voice: TBA (I can't find one. If anyone has any ideas, PLEASE tell me)


(C) VivaFariy
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Waterwolf11 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013
# She seems like a very lovely gal~ One that I hope develops over time and your love for her grows as she grows :)
VivaFariy Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013
Thank you so much
Waterwolf11 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013
not a problem hun!
Arifee Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013
Omg, seeing where Erifee stood in the relationship thing made me so sad, but it happened. ;;
VivaFariy Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013
I know. Me too :(
NekoChan99 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I love the redraw <333
VivaFariy Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013
Thank you!
Fiction-becomes-Fact Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yay you finished~ :la: :la: :la:
It turned out awesome :dummy:
Hope you find a voice soon :meow: cuz I wanna hear how Elista sounds :squee:
Okay asdlfkdsklfj I can't not comment on something.... the aura thing. I understand why you don't know so it's okay lol. Uhmm... how do I explain how auras work. To put it very basically, they range in color from red to purple, red being more "bad" and purple being really "good", as in extremely spiritually active and aware and stuff. I don't even think light purple is an aura color lol, but I wouldn't know. I think that Elista would be a good blue or green, it means that she's creative, down to earth, and friendly :meow:
VivaFariy Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013
Thank you!

I know, I'm trying to find something....

Very interesting. Thanks for explaining, you magical person, you!
Fiction-becomes-Fact Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You have to lower your expectations when searching for a voice lol
Trust me, I know ;;OTL
Good luck with that :meow:

No prob ;) 
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