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November 14, 2013
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Misidori High: Tsukino, Sora Mai by VivaFariy Misidori High: Tsukino, Sora Mai by VivaFariy
Finalllyyyy!!! It took me so long to make this because of life and complications. But here it is!

I worked so hard on this drawing. First of all, I used no base. I drew it traditionally and then digitally, and I'm proud of myself! I think I'm going to do it that way from now on Second, THAT WHEELCHAIR, OMG! It was so hard.

I also LOVE this character. I think I'm finally getting the hang of this. :)


:bulletpink:Name: Tsukino, Sora Mai
:bulletpink:Nicknames: Sora, Mai, Mai-chan, Sky Dance, Wheels, Wheelie
:bulletpink:Gender: Female
:bulletpink:Birthday: February 11th
:bulletpink:Age: 14:new: She actually has turned 15 now!
:bulletpink:Year: 1
:bulletpink:Badge: O

:bulletpink:Club(s): Musical Instruments, Drama, Art

:bulletpink:Height: 5'3 1/2 in or 161.30 cm



In her peak, Sora Mai is creative, fun, and a girl you would want to know. She is trustworthy and caring. She tries her hardest, even if it isn't the best. She's a bit of an over-achiever, but doesn't usually reach all those goals she makes. She believes in enjoying life and having a lot of fun, not worrying about things that had gone wrong, but trying to make things better. Sora is positive and gives everyone the benefit of the doubt. She loves to help and she would always improvise and think of ways to try to fix situations that went wrong.

But she didn't try to fix her situation. After the accident, Sora Mai lost most of that stuff. She lost her bubbly and fun personality. Now Sora Mai moves around with her head down, avoiding eye contact. She is still very polite, but she is very shy and lacks self-confidence. If you dig deep down, you'll find the rest of her, but she is now extremely negative. Nothing can go right anymore, right? That's her new attitude, and she needs major convincing! Sora still hopes for things to get better, and she wants to have a fun life again, but she doesn't really believe that that is possible. She wants to find friends who will help her be happy again. Sora Mai is nowhere near as loud as she used to be, she's much more quiet. She likes to spend her free time with the Arts (piano and drawing mostly). Sora now has very few goals - to be able to make things better, realize the good in her situation, and be someone again. To re-gain her self-confidence, make friends, and become the Sora Mai she used to be once again.



Sora Mai was born in Japan and has lived there all her life. She lives with her parents, her sister who is two years older than her, and her brother who is four years younger. Sora had always been a happy and bubbly child. From the time her brother was born, she loved helping. Being a four year old, she couldn't help much, but she tried to help in any way she could.

Her school years were mostly great. She lived thirty minutes away from her school, but she loved it there and would never switch out. She wasn't in the least bit shy and she made good friends. She would always help the teachers and other students with anything they needed. She was an average student and tried hard, but if she didn't do well, it was okay. Enjoying life and being kind to others was more important. Sora did a lot of after school activities, like piano classes, art classes, and gymnastics.

She was on a gymnastics team with one of her three best friends. In the summer after seventh grade, she fell harshly doing gymnastics (this is the accident). The result was damage in her spine and her legs became paralyzed. After that Sora Mei used a wheel chair.

In eighth grade, she was able to go to the same school, even though it was far away. Her mom drove her every day. It was hard, but she did it to keep Sora happy.  Her friends offered to help her. Everyone felt bad for her, but still thought of her as the bubbly, helpful girl. They knew she would make the best of this situation. But there was a new student in the class who took to helping the teacher, since Sora couldn't anymore. This hurt Sora. So did the snickers and whispers that the new first years and other new students gave her. But because of the others already knowing her, being her friends, and trying to help her through, the year was okay.

But when it was time for high school to start, things didn't look so good. One of her best friends moved to New York with her family. Her gymnastics best friend went to a school that excelled in the gymnastics field. Her third best friend went to the school that everyone in that elementary school went to. But that school was forty-five minutes away, and too hard for Sora Mei to attend.

:bulletpink:Why They're Attending Misidori: After her accident, she needed to go to a school that was close by, and a school that was big enough that she wouldn't be picked on as much, and would hopefully make friends.


:bulletred:making people happy
:bulletred:foods: bananas, oranges, sweets, cheese
:bulletred:colors: Yellow, Pink, Green

:bulletblue:gymnastics (because of her accident)
:bulletblue:sports (because she can't do them)
:bulletblue:not being in control of her emotions
:bulletblue:being teased or picked on
:bulletblue:food: vinegar, carrots, salad, beans
:bulletblue:colors: Dark purple, Black
:bulletblue:big dogs
:bulletblue:tall people (since she's in her chair, she seems so short)
:bulletblue:negative attention


*She is introverted
*She is shy
*She always wears her necklace
*She is confined to a wheelchair

:bulletpink:Student Relationships:
Sayako: An incredibly sweet girl! She told Sora how to actually have a social life again, and she became Sora's first new friend.

Junichi: A kind and helpful boy who has earned Sora's respect. He helps Sora physically and emotionally, and gives her advice and confidence.

Natsumi: A girl with an outside tougher than her inside. She gives Sora advice and is very sweet. (Sora considers her a friend now)

Kamiko: Sora's roommate. She's outgoing, friendly, fun, and kind.

Ayaka: A friendly, outgoing, easy to talk to girl, whom Sora can relate to.

Hikaru: A nice boy. Kind, Calm, Considerate.

Mari: A person in the school. Sora barely knows him, but he's not a bully.

Yasu: Just a person.

Fumiko: ...I don't know...

Izanagi: ...kind...polite... *has mixed feelings*

Amber: ...

Rei: Not the nicest girl in the bunch

I would love to role play with anybody! I prefer to role play in comments on here and on my page (or other places) and notes.
Occasionally I will role play in other ways like skype, google docs, or whatever you'd like to do.
I also rp in the chatroom!
I'd love it if my character could meet others. Come role play!

:new: Sora now has her own account! :iconsora-mai-tsukino-plz:
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